Happy Birthday Mrs. Johnson, Heritage’s Scholarship Coordinator

Happy Birthday Mrs. Johnson, Heritages Scholarship Coordinator

Harry Cole, Editor

Yesterday, April 26, one of Heritage’s greatest celebrated her Birthday. Ms. Johnson, our scholarship coordinator, spends her time at Heritage literally saving seniors’ futures. On top of that, most seniors can attest, Ms. Johnson is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

When I frequented Ms. Johnson’s office this year, I noticed just how thorough she was. I often spent much longer than I anticipated with Ms. Johnson searching for scholarships and discussing the college admissions process. That’s why Ms. Johnson’s so great. The time and dedication she puts into helping seniors truly inspires us to do better.

Lastly, Ms. Johnson is the scholarship coordinator for all of Heritage, not just the select few students who avidly seek out scholarships. Ms. Johnson will help you no matter your career path or plans after graduation. So thank you, Ms. Johnson, from the Heritage student body for everything you do.