Girl Suspended for taking Picture of Dirty School Water


Zack Roy

Yesterday, a girl named Hazel at a Michigan High School snapped a photo of her school’s dirty bathroom water and uploaded it to social media. This incriminating photo consequently got her a three-day suspension, and the school stated to her that this was a violation of their cell phone policy in the bathroom. They referred to it as an “inappropriate use of electronics.”

This was met with public outrage from students and parents alike, and many students posted pictures of themselves in the bathrooms after the incident. Parents and students believed that the school should be more worried about the water than the cell phone violation.

Luckily for Hazel, the suspension was canceled and removed from her record, but still, the school hasn’t reported or tried to fix the water situation.

Dr. Michele Harmala of Wayne-Westland Community Schools contacted the school during the outrage, and a plumber was sent to the school to check out the issue. There was a pipe reaching the faucet that was broken and in need of repair, so that is being fixed right now.