Freshman Advice

Jackson Mathews

As Heritage High School reaches seven weeks into the school year, students are struggling with work and juggling classes with sports. Moreover, freshmen seem to be having trouble with trying to get used to high school life over that of middle school. Below are tips and tricks for those who are still getting a grip on the 2018-19 school year.

Many students are confused about the late start, when pep rallies and sports games take place, and where to go for sign-ups. The counseling office is providing support to make school easier for freshmen this year, and while most are trying to figure it out by themselves, others are asking upperclassmen for help and advice.

“My freshman year was really fast and easy, because I had help from my sister, who was also a senior, when I came in to my freshman year,” said Aleida Salas, an HHS senior with some worthwhile reassurance for stressed-out freshmen. “I was also with all my friends from middle school, so coming into Heritage was nice and smooth because of the people I already knew there.”

Of course, every struggle is different, so advice on how to overcome social and academic challenges shouldn’t go unnoticed for anybody. “Be open to making friends everywhere. Don’t stay in your close circle of friends all the way through senior year,” said Salas, “Try joining some clubs [and] meeting new people. Be open to new experiences.”

Freshmen can visit the counselor’s office anytime they feel overwhelmed, and making new friends can undoubtedly lower stress. “Just keep pushing through, and make friends with people who are in your classes so you can work together and get to know each other better,” said Salas, “Just focus on your classes, and stay out of trouble.”