Football Game Preview

Joseph Montondo and Rocky Brace

Rogers Heritage High School’s football team believes they will continue winning upcoming games after keeping their confident mindset and beating Louisville Kansas 20-16 on September second, 2022. Will they continue their win streak and take this win this Friday?

Heritage’s varsity football team has had an astonishing win streak here recently beating both of their opponents at their home game. Congratulations to all the boys who played through until the end and won for their school.

Taylor Covington, number 34 on the varsity football team, was asked about his predictions for this upcoming game after their so far perfect season. “I think our whole team is ready, it’s gonna be a great game.” Covington confidently says. “Well last game, we struggled a bit offensively, but this game we’ve practiced a lot, lot of offensive practices. I think we’re getting our offense back together.” Was Covingtons opinion on their recent win. Next for his predictions Covington said, “Defense, I think we’re gonna do pretty good. We did pretty well last game, I would like to say, and if we can hold them I mean we can hold them.” Very confident in his team’s strategy, and in his team’s defense. 

Rogers Heritage High School has had a good season so far, but they still think they struggled quite a bit against their opponents. Offensively they worked hard on executing their play and being more put together. Overall they have a good mindset and have the confidence to take down another high school in this Friday’s game. 

Davion Dingle, number 27 for Heritages football team, was questioned about the upcoming games and, a little different from Covington, also has the same mindset for winning this game.
“I think we’re gonna win but it’s not gonna be very easy” Dingle says, just a little lack of confidence in that. “I think we’re coming out there expecting it to whoop them. I feel like this is gonna be a pretty tough game, I just have a feeling.” Dingle explained. “We’re already prepared, we have been practicing and we know their plays, so I think we have the win here.” Dingle says, very confident in that answer despite the little hesitation in the beginning. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. If it’s not challenging it’s not going to help you get better.” Very inspiring words of choice from Dingle.

Heritage’s football team has been on a roll recently, and their team’s winning has properly motivated them into confidently believing they will win their upcoming game on September 9th, 2022. Can they keep this win streak going? Or, will they sadly lose this Friday’s game?