Environmental Club Works to Restore Recycling Program

Ash Lopez

Half-way through the school year last year, the former principal Jim Davis, who now works in the central office for Rogers Public School district, stopped the recycling program due to not having enough people to continue it. 

The environmental club has talked to Principal Jeff Wasem about this issue.

“They said they didn’t have enough manpower due to Covid to keep collecting it,” said the environmental club vice president, Carlee Casteel (11).

The environmental club is preparing to put a process in place to begin recycling again including collection boxes that are themselves recyclable.  

“If you’ve ever watched a nature documentary, then you can see that the earth is at high risk due to pollution and waste,” Casteel said about the importance of recycling. “It destroys ecosystems and harms the animals that live in those ecosystems. I don’t want to say that if you recycle it’ll help, but it really does. If everyone recycles a plastic bottle, then it’ll build up and then you can see that it does help. If you recycle, and use natural resources, then it won’t harm the environment as much as plastic does. You can recycle, reuse and save money.”