Diving Into Season


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

As fall athletics start reach the conclusions of their seasons, the winter sports prepare for their time to shine. Swim’s enthusiasm for season stands out.

Senior swimmer Anna Thiessen reflected at the team’s preparation for season. “I’ve been doing a lot of off-season training, maintaining, and improving times over the summer with my coach,” said Thiessen.

Being prepared individually, she continued to the team’s needs. “For the team to be competitive, we need as many swimmers as we can get. Swim is similar to track; the more athletes you have, the higher chance you have to place and get points for our team,” Thiessen said.

With that being said, “There are a lot of varsity spots up for grabs for both boys and girls,” Thiessen said. “I am really trying hard to get people to come out to tryouts this year. I love swim and I would love to see more involved.”

Of course, Anna isn’t alone in her enthusiasm for the season, as sophomore Tyler Newell has similar expectations in tryouts. “Right now, we need as much depth as possible in order to compete this season.” As far as the recognition of the team, “I think, as it has been in the past, it will be off the radar,” Newell said, “I am hopeful in our team, and I believe that we can go far with a full relay of boys returning, three of them being seniors.”

Tryouts are coming up, and there’s a lot of anxiety in the air over this upcoming swim season. With the existing team and the promising turnout of the tryouts, the team should, as Newell puts it, “make some noise for Heritage sports.”