Dance Competition Unfolds Between HHS Sports Teams

Claire Harrod

On the first Friday in October, Heritage High School was home to a dance-off. Sports teams competed to win a $500 prize.

Though open to all clubs, the participants were largely sports teams, and the softball team won. 

Sophomore Emily Carpenter shared the plans that the softball team has for the prize money. “We are going to put it towards fundraising or team-building projects,” she said.

She said she would “definitely” compete in another dance competition, and she said she most appreciated the baseball team’s performance.

My favorite dance group is honestly probably baseball just because of the backflip,” she said.

Freshman soccer player Karina Lemus said that they would have probably bought “more soccer gear” if they had won, but she actually liked the softball team’s performance best.

What would the girls soccer team have done with the money if you won the competition?

Freshman Isabel Salazar is on the dance team, and she did not hesitate to say that she would participate in another event. 

Salazar thought that they would “probably buy stuff for like parties or fundraisers” if they’d won, and she enjoyed the baseball team’s performance as well.