Covid-19’s Effect on Sports

Micah Hill

Many people are in sports – and many are not – but still people have failed to see how Covid-19 has affected how people have played and how the team as a whole was affected. 

At Heritage High School, sports teams have games or practices almost every day.

According to Heritage football’s halfback Christopher Incao (10), “It makes us more conscious about going out with other people outside of the team. We can’t be going anywhere cause what we get the whole team can get.” 

Hunter Seals (10), Heritage right and left tackle, said “it seems quiet and less hyped because the student sections are smaller and there are less people showing up to the games due to the Coronavirus.”

The guidelines for Covid-19 are as follows:

  • Schools will cancel whole games if someone on the team has been exposed to the virus
  • Games will rescheduled if possible when they are canceled because of Covid-19
  • Teams are required to social distance on the sidelines and wear masks at all times if they are not doing playing
  • All parents are supposed to wear masks in the stands and are not allowed to remove them