Covid-19 Changes Homecoming


Mariah Jamison

Due to COVID-19, much of Homecoming will be different than years past.

There will be no dance taking place. Friday, Oct. 23 – Homecoming day – there will be no school because of scheduled cleaning. 

The football game will still be taking place Friday night, and royalty will be announced. HHS wants to take precautions and not put students at risk by grouping them all together at a dance.  

The Talon staff interviewed a few students about their opinion on the changes to Homecoming and the cancellation of the dance this year. 

Hayden Stanphill: It sucks because I can not take anyone out on a date or go in the mosh pit and get my groove on.

Lacie Mcadoo (12): I think it is very insensitive on the schools side because I am a senior and they are not giving us any alternatives for opportunities we should have. 

Jackson Mathews (12): I have a split view on the situation, I understand the schools reasoning on not throwing a dance this year but It also sucks because I am a senior and it would have been my last homecoming. 

Students are sad about the way Homecoming is going to be handled this year, but the school is trying to do as much as they can due to Covid-19.