Court Represents Students at Homecoming


Members of the 2021 Homecoming court are introduced at the pep rally.

Homecoming court is a high school tradition. 

Every year we have Homecoming, and large part of Homecoming is the court. 

The court consists of three girls and three boys from 11th and 12th grades and two girls and two boys from 9th and 10th grades. 

This year’s senior court is Josselyn Reyes, Daniel Reyes, Oliver Sandoual, Krosti Le, Mabel Wise, and Ociel Pridencio. 

Junior court is Lily Glenn, Adrian Perez, Emma Dumond, Jan Vazquez Reyes, Chloe Pyburn, and Luke Hanke. 

Sophomore court is Ella Fosse, Cade Miller, Angela Frias, and Armando Espinal. 

“I joined because my sister was on the Homecoming Court, and she said it was fun,” said Fosse. “I thought it would be a good opportunity not only to meet other people, but get involved in the school spirit.”

Finally, freshman court is Laney Sellers, John Spitz, Molly Benish, and Evinson Lopez Rodriguez. 

The responsibilities of the Homecoming court is to represent our students at the Homecoming game and parade. They also are announced at the pep rally before the football game.