Continuing Down the Court


Seth Stanley scoring one of his many points in the Arvest Hoopfest Tournament.

Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

A couple weeks ago, the 7th-9th to be exact, the men’s basketball team went to play at the Arvest Hoopfest Tournament hosted at Rogers High School. There, the team faced various opponents throughout the three-day tournament. The team finished number one in the tournament after the championship victory over Southside. One of the players that led them to this victory was Seth Stanley. The senior averaged around 20 points this tournament, a huge boost for Heritage winning this tournament.

Reflecting on what mostly helped the team get the victory, Seth said, “the unselfishness of our team really helped the team in the win.”

While evaluating the importance of this win, he said, “this should boost our team to get on a roll, especially offensively. This will also help us to come together as a team and play our best.”

This sounds familiar to the preseason prediction that Coach Boyles had for this year’s team.

He said, “around the Arvest tournament, the team will start to gel.”

From both a star player on the team and from the coaching staff, the team should use this tournament to boost them to future victories.

This win “…will give the team confidence to have a winning season,” Coach Boyles said at the start of the season.

With this confidence boost spreading through not only the players but the coaches as well, the team should provide this school with the wins its fans want.

A common trend with this team is still focusing on the state tournament because, “…that’s when it matters most, ” Coach Boyles said. We will have to continue waiting for the outcome of the War Eagle Basketball team’s season.