Colors Day Spirit


Deqlyn Buttrey, Editor

The halls of Heritage are once again filled! With the conclusion of winter break, the agenda for the new year is packed: ACT, conference basketball, and new schedules. A highlighted school event is the annual Colors Day Assembly. The assembly takes place on Friday, January 18th. On occasions such as this, the Student Council (STUCO) ensure spirit weeks are in full effect.

Junior Arleth Castro is actively involved in STUCO. Regarding the upcoming week, “I would expect for a lot of people to participate and not to be shy to participate,” said Castro. Another junior Student Council member, Lucas Gibson, furthers the topic. “We’ve always had a good amount of students participate in our spirit weeks,” said Gibson, “[This time] should be no different.”

As STUCO is responsible for inspiring effective ideas for spirit days, the group is put to the test. “We do our best to come up with themes we think the student body will enjoy and have fun with,” said Gibson. “We look back on spirit days students enjoyed the most in order to include a day everyone will enjoy.”¬† Specifically, “It was only this year we were allowed to have Pajama Day because Mr. Davis knew it would increase school spirit,” said Gibson.

Similar to marketing, the group needs to advertise the days in order to increase participation. “We put out posters and the council will dress up as well,” said Castro.

The next week’s spirit week will be widely encouraged at our school. The days include: Camo Day (Monday), Pajama Day (Tuesday), Flannel Day (Wednesday), Stoplight Day (Thursday), and Orange Out (Friday). Participation in spirit days will do more than make a good photo. “These days make this school prideful and unified,” said Gibson.