Christmas Religious Traditions

Jennifer Menendez Perez

                   Different Religious Christmas Traditions


Christmas can be different for everybody, most people celebrate Christmas, but there are some religions that don’t allow Christmas to be celebrated or they do it a bit differently.

The most common way people do Christmas is they wake up on December 25th and open their presents, but as a Hispanic myself we wake stay up until 12 am the next day and open our presents and eat Salvadorian tamales or pan con pollo.

Salvadorian tamales are a type of tamale made with chicken, masa, and a variety of other ingredients, typically wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Pan con pollo is also a dish from El Salvador that we eat it is based on a roll of bread, which contains long lettuce leaves, tomatoes, beets, and other varieties of vegetables.  It also contains steamed chicken served with the stew of the chicken, as well and once it is done, you leave it for the next day, which will be for Christmas, where it will be warm and delicious to feast on.

“We celebrated Christmas by staying up until 5am on Christmas by dancing, doing fireworks, eating Pan con pollo, tamales, and drinking Atole de elote. ” Stated an anonymous interviewee. 

“I stay up till midnight drinking hot chocolate while my siblings open their gifts and pass them around, then later, after finishing my hot chocolate I go and open mine. ”  Josleyn Albarran said.

Most people seem to stay up a day before Christmas and enjoy a cooked food as soon as it hits 12, but some people can’t celebrate Christmas because of what religion they were born into. For example, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism are unable to celebrate Christmas and Easter. But overall most Christmas traditions consist of eating food and staying up late, to watch for Santa of course.