Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel Review

Kevin Noguera , Author

Captain Marvel is a well-known hero, but she’s not as popular as, say, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Thor. Captain Marvel was a great movie! The action and the plot were really exciting.

What I like about the storyline is that Captain Marvel was actually a regular human, but then she somehow ended up in space. And while she worked with other space groups, they had to kill these people called Skrulls, who turned out to be good. The group Captain Marvel was in were the bad guys, and that’s what I find great about the storyline.

To me, this movie is very important to the MCU, because we get a backstory for Captain Marvel that includes how she gains her powers. There was a lot of action in this movie; sometimes, it would feel like you were there in the battles.

While watching the movie, there were some funny moments, like Captain Marvel meeting Nick Fury and the reveal of how he lost his eye. 

Overall, the movie makes sense. There’s not a lot of confusion, and I would say you get your money’s worth watching it in the theater.

What kinds of ideas can Captain Marvel bring to finish the battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame? In the movie, she is very powerful and funny, and in the comics, she beats Thanos. So maybe that is a possible way Endgame ends, but who knows? Stay tuned for my Endgame review!