Campus’s Reaction to Superbowl 53


There are few nationally-televised events that obtain as much prominence as the Superbowl. The final game of the National Football League’s season that stretches throughout the duration of autumn and winter, the grand finale is viewed by millions of Americans every year. On the first day of February in 2014, the New England Patriots battled the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49. Subsequent to the airing of the event, Super Bowl 49 went down in the record books. With the Patriots defeating the Seahawks 28-24, the game was officially deemed the most watched U.S. television broadcast of all time with a whopping 114.4 million viewers. A barbaric inquiry of 4.5 million dollars was demanded for a mere 30-second commercial. Hence, ratings were through the roof. Leaving viewers pleased, Super Bowl 49 embodied the typical Super Bowl experience that is presented.

This year however, Super Bowl ratings hit a 10-year, record-breaking plummet. The contest saw the friendly faces of the premier NFL teams, the New England Patriots, and the unexpected, breakout stardom of the Los Angeles Rams. A game that witnessed little offensive triumph, the final score tallied a combined total of 16 points.

As the Patriots won 13-3, Tom Brady endured the presentation of his 6th Super Bowl ring. RHHS’s own Coach Upton said the following: “I thought it was a good game—a good defensive battle.” Contrary to Coach’s optimistic view towards the game, Dylan Glazier attested to the lack of offensive success. He said, “I think for the Rams to be ranked in the top 5 offensive teams in the country, it’s honestly kind of a disgrace to only put up three points.” He went on to declare that Tom Brady is essentially a workhorse and deserved the ring more than any of the opposition. “Brady did work his butt off though,” he said.

What cannot be refuted is the hard work of Tom Brady, as well as the Patriots defense. Overall, a team win is better than an individual win. With Brady’s sought retrieval of his 6th Superbowl ring Coach Upton said,  “I think it goes to show that Brady is the best in the game.”