Book Fair


Deqlyn Buttrey, Editor

For the first time, Heritage’s Media Center hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. On the dates of March 10-13, students hustled in and out of the library in search of new books in the store.

Elizabeth Ragain, library media specialist, supervised the book fair over the three-day span. “There has been excitement over the book fair,” said Ragain. “We have had kids coming in and out of the library looking for new books.” This implementation of the book fair obviously did not achieve perfection on its first run. “This was an experiment,” said Ragain. “We wanted to see how the book fair would do for kids in high school, and for the most part, they still seem to like it.”

The event benefited more than just the library, as Pre-AP English teacher Kay Toole provided her input on the topic. “I am benefiting from the book fair, because I always think it’s good for students to see what new books are out, even if they don’t buy them,” said Toole. “I also plan to buy some for my classroom library.”

Alongside teachers, students took part in the three-day occasion, such as Udai Sandahu, freshman. “I get to find books that I enjoy reading,” said Sandahu. “It gets me to try harder to read different genres and helps me progress in English, vocabulary especially.”

The book fair created a nice change of pace for most students, getting them more involved in reading. “I would like there to be an annual book fair,” said Sandahu, “because there are a ton of books that I would love to read and love to have.”