Artosphere Festival

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Artosphere Festival

Kallina Sims, Editor

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Starting on Sunday, June 10 until Saturday, June 23rd, the Walton Arts Center will host the 2018 Artosphere Festival. The festival will celebrate a variety of artistic elements, everyone will be able to find interest in something. There will be six different orchestras performing on one of five days throughout the two weeks. To attend a concert for any of these orchestras will require a ticket.

There will be two trails included in the festival: Downtown Fayetteville (Friday, June 15th) and Downtown Bentonville (Saturday, June 16th). Both Trail Mix events are free to attend and open to the public. There will be activities on the trails.

The Trail Mix events are free to attend and open to the public. Trail Mix: Fayetteville will be on Friday, June 15th in downtown Fayetteville from 5:30-7:30 pm. Trail Mix: Bentonville will be on Saturday, June 16th starting in Downtown Bentonville and goes to Crystal Bridges from 11am-1pm. The Trail Mix events will have fun, outdoor activities along the trails.

Four Chapel Music bands will be performing at various locations in five days throughout the two weeks of the festival.

There will be a Film Series event at the Artosphere Festival. Over two days, four film events will occur. Thursday, June 14th, The Buffalo Flows will show. The Other three films are about the ocean and will play on Sunday, June 17th. Some of the film events will require tickets, but some are free.

Visual Arts events will be available at the festival. One of which will be the Topo Map, an installation by artist Stacy Levy, that will be on display all throughout the festival. The other will be The Bleak and the Burgeoning which opens on Monday, June 19th at 5pm.

There will also be other events included in the Artosphere Festival. For more information and to buy tickets to any of the events, visit the hyperlinked “Artosphere” in the first sentence.

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