AP Advice


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

February has arrived, which means registration sheets for the next year of high school have been handed out to students. Throughout the student body, there is confusion on what classes they should sign up for. Of course, the senior class is the only group who isn’t registering. They have taken various courses over their four years at Heritage and they have advice as to which classes these underclassmen should take, especially regarding the advanced placement classes.

One senior that offered helpful advice is Indigo Kroll.  “AP Human Geography because it is easy to get started. AP Literature is also another class that students should take because it is fun and a college level class,” Kroll said, “they make the students study better and perform at a higher level, like what college would expect of a student.” This perspective on AP courses may have an impact on the students here at Heritage registering for next year’s classes.

To those of you who remain  unconvinced, Chloe Kordsmeier, another senior, has put advice on the table for those who are on the fence about AP classes. “Take AP Physics and AP Government. Definitely take the AP classes that are in the field you are interested in for a career. Like I want to do engineering so I took AP Physics 1 and 2,” said Kordsmeier, “AP classes help boost students GPA and it is a better atmosphere in the classroom to learn. Also all the teachers are nice.”

With these two seniors advice, AP classes benefit students high school reputation, but also their future. They sound fun and beneficial. So, AP classes are maybe the gap that students need to fill in their registration as the due date is approaching.