Adulthood Is a New Horizon

Yazmin Abrego

Turning 18 can be an incredibly scary thing for most teens, but there are many privileges of becoming an adult. 

Remember when you were a kid and you said “I can’t wait to grow up!” and now that you’re almost 18 you wish you were a kid still. Growing up can be scary. Most teens are scared to grow up, it’s completely normal. While there are a lot more responsibilities and consequences for certain actions, there are many exciting privileges for becoming of age.

  • You are legally responsible for your actions.

That means you can make your own choices, you can do whatever you want without your parents permission. As long as it’s legal, you don’t go crazy, or make poor choices in the real world. Have fun and be smart about what you do.

  • You can vote.

You can finally vote for who you want to be president. You get to express your political beliefs by voting and not being bashed at for being a “kid” for having a political opinion. 

  • You can marry.

If you think you’ve truly found “the one” and can’t wait to marry them, now you can. Your parents probably wouldn’t agree with you marrying at 18, but you can do it without their permission. They won’t be able to do anything about it since you’re legally allowed to decide to marry.

  • You can rent an apartment or buy a house.

You can leave your parents or guardians house and get your own apartment or house. Get ready to decorate and have your own space. You could even get a roommate, you don’t have to live alone. 

  • Get a piercing or tattoo.

Getting a tattoo or piercing seems really fun and you’re basically expressing yourself by getting either one. Make sure not to pass out while getting one.

Question: When you were 17, what was the thing you were really looking forward to and  now that you’re 18, what is your favorite privilege? 

“When I was 17 the thing I was looking forward to turning 18 was driving and I think my favorite privilege of being 18 is being responsible for your own decisions,” said Bianca Torres, 12. 

Those are just a few privileges, but there are way more than that. Whenever you feel scared, just remember that everyone is just as scared as becoming an adult as you. It’ll all be okay. You have a whole new chapter ahead of you.