ACT Tips


Zoe Shepherd, Author

The time is coming for the ACT to be important to all students. Taking the ACT will better students’ chances of getting credit and recognition for college. When colleges and universities see the test results, the higher scores students get the better chances of impressing them.

The best time to take the ACT is during junior and/or senior year. Learning about it as a freshman or sophomore will get you used to the idea of the test. When you start taking the ACT as a junior or senior, the best choice for everyone is to take it more than once. The more you take the test, the more likely the chance of getting a better score. Moreover, you realize your mistakes each time, so you know where to improve. “After the first test time, I realized I need to improve my math,” said Sean Golden. “Taking the ACT the second time, my score improved.”

Using the process of elimination will be helpful too. When you’re doing multiple choice, cross out the answers that don’t belong first. This is a common practice for many people, and it makes the test much easier. “Eliminating answers does help me on tests,” said Julio Arega. “After I eliminate answers and work out the problem, the [correct] answer is more obvious.”

Getting the easiest questions over with leaves more time to figure out the harder ones. “Getting the easier questions done first is what I do every time,” said Arega. “When I started doing it, I got more questions right.”

“Taking the ACT many times was a good decision I made,” Arega said. The ACT is only as challenging as you let it. With these tips in mind, good luck, and do your best!