Ace, Ace, Baby!


With the boys tennis team completing conference, we’re really excited to get a glimpse of how they did. The team has faced many challenges this year, but they’ve been able to overcome them and be the best they can be. They did not meet the exact expectations they made for themselves, but they’re really pumped for what they accomplished this season and really excited for what’s to come next year.

“We took the games for granted, and we were not focused in the court, we kept thinking about the next match instead of thinking of the current match,” said Thatcher Downard, 11. “We need to improve on being able to keep our head in the game, playing to our full potential, and learning how to cope with our stress.” During their conference the team did not compete how they wanted and outside factors affected many of the players ability to play.

“Conference was a very fun experience. It was very close, the nerves got to us, and I feel like we could have competed better. We have done better [in the past], but it was not a complete let down,” said Daniel Holcombe, 11. “We did expect to go to state and not making it was a consequence of not playing our best.”

Although their matches didn’t go as planned, they don’t feel like they did their complete worst and they’re still proud of what they achieved. The team will continue to grow as they learn from their mistakes from this experience. Most players want to prove that they can do better than how they did in conference and will practice even harder to accomplish this goal next season. “We did not reach our expectations. We know we could’ve done better,” Drake Donahoe, 11, said. “We’ll be sure to show that next year. We are all really pumped and excited.”