A New year, A New Season

A New year, A New Season

Victor Castellanos, Author

It’s the beginning of a new year and the start to a new tennis season. The team lost their girls coach, adapting by sharing one coach between all teams.

Regardless of the recent challenges, both the boys and girls teams adapted well by starting their season with several wins. “We’ve been practicing a lot more this year and working on growing individually and as a team by adopting new skill-sets,” said Taylor Brinkmann (12).

The circumstances gave an opportunity for the team to improve. “We all have a really close relationship with coach that has continued to progress throughout the years” said Thatcher Downard (11). “I’ve continued to grow and evolve with him since I first started playing my freshmen year. My experience with tennis has helped me to improve mentally and socially by allowing me to express my individuality.”

Through the challenges and hardships, the teams continue to compete. “This season has started really well and we have a great lineup this year. We all expect for this year to be a school record breaking season.” said Kossy Harrod (11).

The team recently concluded the regular season against the cross town rivals, the Rogers Mountaineers. The varsity boys squad made school history with the best single season record; 8-4.