5 Social Media Sites that You should Check Out


Zack Roy, Writer


We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, but there are other social media sites that many haven’t heard of. Here’s the top five social media sites that you should definitely check out!


BAND is a community app and website that lets you freely join groups, respectively called bands. Whether it be about your favorite cartoon characters or superhero discussions, there’s bound to be a band out there just for you.


4. Google+

Google+ is one of those sites that you’ve probably never heard of, but you use it all the time without knowing it. Similar to Facebook, Google+ gives you a personalized profile and an endless amount of groups, called circles, to create and join in on. Not to mention, Google+ is where you can see updates on your YouTube comments, see how many subscribers you have, and much more!


3. Quora

Quora is one of, if not the, best question and answer platforms out there. The premise is very simple; you ask a question and the community answers it. Need help with a relationship? Want some support on an assignment? Come to Quora!


2. Pinterest

Pinterest is an idea-sharing website that allows you to share your creative inventions and ideas on your timeline. Simple enough, but what makes this especially fascinating is how creative you can be on the site, with many image options and tools and multiple profile tweaks. Definitely give it a try.


1. Ello

Ello is very similar to Facebook, but it is more art focused. Exploring the various communities of the app, I found some of the most beautiful creations made by people of all ages. It is a sharing and posting site that gives you many options for making and sharing art and creations.


So there you have it! Are there any social media sites that we missed? Make sure to leave a comment below!