5 Best Budget Phones for 2018

Does your next phone have to be a flagship?

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5 Best Budget Phones for 2018

Zack, Writer

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Samsung’s newest flagship phones have been announced with the upgraded cameras and improved features consumers have come to expect from the top-tier company. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus range from $720 to $910 depending on providers, which isn’t cheap for most modern consumers. But as more and more expensive flagship models get released each year, so do budget phones that compete with the outrageous prices. If you’re looking for a quality phone under $600, you’ve come to the right place. These are the top 5 best budget phones for 2018!

5. OnePlus 5

One thing OnePlus knows how to do is offer top-of-the-line specs and capabilities at fresh, affordable prices. The OnePlus 5 is no exception, providing a powerful storage capacity, battery life, and response speed for only $520.

The OnePlus 5 intrigues even the most picky of buyers.


4. Moto G5 Plus

Impressive speed and considerable specs define Motorola’s G5 Plus, a worthy competitor to big-budget smartphones. For as low as $300, this phone proves you don’t need a high price to make something worth your while.

Motorola outdid themselves with this impressive budget smartphone.


3. ZTE Axon 7 Mini

It’s impossible to go wrong with the Axon 7 Mini, an affordable gem that sports a unique display and some extremely well-made speakers. And for only $200, “it’s a steal” hardly begins to describe it.

Unique, capable, and affordable all blend together in this enticing budget phone.


2. LG Q6

Not much needs to be said about this vigorous smartphone from market giant LG. Military-tested durability and a gracious camera are only some of the awe-inducing features of this budget phone. The best part: you can get it for the low price of $160!

The far-reaching abilities of the LG Q6 make its affordable status one to behold.


1. Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei has made a name for itself in the smartphone market, and it’s not hard to see why with the Honor 5X. Its innovative approach to fingerprints, customizable storage capabilities, and fresh design make it a worthy purchase. For as little as $150, this phone easily makes the number 1 spot.

The Honor 5X has earned its place on the list for its numerous capabilities matched with a low price.


Flagship phones are becoming more expensive as they’re rolled out each year, so it’s refreshing to have budget competitors swoop in with no-nonsense quality at astonishing affordability. Don’t hesitate to check these phones out if you’re in the market for them!

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