2020 HHS Fall Plays


Abby Wilkinson

Every Fall the HHS theatre classes put on a play. However, they did not film the plays, but The Talon Press was able to watch and take pictures of both plays. And unfortunately, this year due to covid the theatre students had to wear clear masks and social distance.

The 2020 HHS fall plays, “Radium Girls” and “How to Succeed in High School Without Actually Trying,” were performed for parents and families on October 30, 2020. When asked what it was like performing for a smaller audience consisting of family members, Regina Pointer says, “It was kinda the same but a little more intimidating because this was close, family. Instead of strangers and such mixed in it was the most important people to us and it was honestly kinda scarier than normal.”

The play, as well as the competition piece, “Radium Girls,” is set in 1926, when radium was a miracle cure. A celebrity named Madame Curie, follows the new trend, up until the girls who painted them became sick with a mysterious illness. The play is based on a true story, and the story follows the efforts of Grace Fryer.

The theatre two and three students worked hard on the performance piece, “Radium Girls.” They’ve been working hard to perfect this play to be able to send in a video in order to compete in the competition. And when asked what he thought about the play, Hemi Fraley says, “Preparing for it was hard, but when it came down to show night, it went wonderful.”

The theatre one students put on the play, “How to Succeed in High School Without Actually Trying.” They worked hard to prepare for this play.

“How to Succeed in High School Without Actually Trying” is about a group of students infiltrating a pep rally, to share tips and tricks for surviving high school.