Working For Walmart as a Teen

JJ Wells

If you’re looking for a job near you, then I don’t recommend trying to get employment to Walmart. Unfortunately, the reason is for many young teens seeking jobs, working for Walmart doesn’t turn out to be a safe place for them. For example, they offer employees terrible health care. Some would say that they’re better than nothing, but some disagree. They paid for the best plan and had 71 dollars come out of every check. There were no co-pay plans to be found, and the co-insurance was always 80/20 after the deductible, which made hitting your out-of-pocket maximum like climbing Mount Everest. The company has begun to impede new hires with a waiting period of one year before they can even get Walmart’s health insurance. There’s so much wrong with the healthcare offered by Walmart, but that’s not all.

They cut employee hours to keep them part-time, Walmart found that hiring two part-time workers instead of one full-time worker is more profitable because they can deny benefits to any part-time worker and cut that person’s hours to zero if they felt like it. Some positions do have more of a set schedule and one can always put in for a more set schedule but that can hurt your hours because the schedule is generated by the computers that have the associates’ availability set up. Usually, management and personnel will check the system generated schedule and verify it’s correct by your availability. Also, they treat the cart pushers terribly. They yell at them for small things, they’re outside all day except on lunch, and for the last couple of months, they have lost more cart pushers compared to the employees inside the store. 

Their managers expect them to do tasks that are impossible in the allotted time given. For example, they have to stock the can food aisle which has three carts full of cans and you are given an hour to complete the task. Imagine, three carts packed full of dozens of 12 packs of cans. On top of that, overstock goes on the very top shelf, so you need a ladder. However, you also have to be sure to help customers. When you get your 15 min break, you could be in there for 5 minutes and then they will come and complain that you’re wasting time and have been on break for 20 minutes. What they fail to understand is, Walmart is a retail establishment that is open 24/7. Therefore, there are always customers. I know that some teenagers can’t handle stress from working at Walmart, and it’s not the best place for a lot of people to work there.