Thatcher Downard

Currently trending in our society: musical festivals. October 5, The Walmart AMP hosted Jmblya, a rap music festival. Completley selling out, it seemed like the whole school was there. When reflecting on the concert, Drake Donahoe said, “It felt like everyone from our school was there, it was so packed!”Aswell as many artists turning out, there was also a merch stand set up near the entrance to the stadium selling both Jmblya merch and individual artist merch. Christian Binger, 11, said, “The merch was actually so fire, and I’m happy I was able to snag an exclusive piece before the stand sold out.” In total, there were eight acts. Notably being, Juice Wrld, Playboi Carti, Chief Keef, and Murda Beatz. Unfortunatly, due to stormy weather, Juice Wrld’s act was cut short. Furious at the time, Binger said, “the festival was super fun I was just disapointed that Juice Wrld did not get to finish his act.” All in all, Jymblya was a great turnout for the Walmart AMP.