How to Score and Slip in Ceramics

Ricky Perez

This tutorial shows you how to use a basic technique in a ceramics setting to enhance your ceramic skills.

Tools/products needed: Serrated kidney, paintbrush, a clay mug of some sort, clay handle, and slip

Step 1. Score your project

In the first step of this tutorial you will need a serrated kidney, your clay mug, and clay handle. With your serrated kidney, you want to scratch the soft clay of your mug where you want your handle to go. After that, do the same thing to the edges of the clay handle this whole process is called ”scoring”.

Step 2. Slip your project

For this step you will need your clay mug, clay handle, paintbrush, and slip. After you score the project, you dip your paintbrush in the water clay mixture called slip. Then, proceed to paint your cup where you have previously scored with the slip. Paint your handle with the mixture as well.

Step 3. Attach your handle

For this final step you just need your clay mug and handle. After you have scratched both the handle and mug and scored and slipped them, squeeze them both together with force until you see the slip oozing out from the sides of the handle. After this, smooth the clay around the handle with your finger tips to ensure the handle becomes sturdy and ready to use.