Wear Your Masks!

Mary Diaz

Students and teachers are doing their best to work and be safe during this pandemic we are all in together. Some days are harder than others, and some days it’s a relief not having to wear a mask at all and getting the day off.

Schools have tried their hardest to limit the contact between everyone, but we have to take a part of that as well.

There’s only so much that schools can do. Around the time of conferences, the school administrators had to send out the same mask guidelines that were sent out at the beginning of the year to remind us that we have to keep our masks on and how they should properly fit.

I did a poll of 30 students, asking ‘’On a school day, do you wear your mask fitted correctly on throughout the day or do you have it uncovered most of the time (like in classes or the hallways)?’’

About 25 percent responded that they have their faces uncovered, and the remaining 75 percent said they wore their masks properly.

Despite those who don’t wear their masks properly being in the minority, this is still a big problem. Covid-19 cases are rising nationally, and here in Benton County we have averaged 130 new cases a day for the last week, the most of any Arkansas county.

We have to do our part to stay safe and wear our masks correctly and throughout the day.